Ministry of Fudge

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the brains and the beauty behind Ministry of Fudge. Both Lorna and Oliver do a fantastic job show casing their products at local events. I’m telling you now it’s something you need to try!!

Who else believes fudge is sticky, sickly and sweet? I bet it’s not just me!! Well these guys have completely changed my opinion on fudge. As a young girl whenever I was on holiday or visiting a seaside town with my parents I would always ask for a bag of fudge as my treat and it was always vanilla. I ate way too much and got bored of it and found after eating a few pieces it was so sickly I’d feel ill. Ministry of Fudge has made me find my love of fudge again. It’s crumbly and not sticky, packed full of flavour, not to sickly and not to sweet and the colour fudge should be. Their Rhubarb Gin is a must try, but don’t tell everyone.

Made in their own kitchen with a passion to create a product that is as natural as they can get it, Ministry of Fudge only started in April 2017 and have come so far. With their launch of their Online shop in August 2018 they hope to introduce their fudge to a wider population. With a wide range of flavours including gin and the only crumbly Nutella fudge there is something for everyone.

I’m pleased to say this pair have done fantastically over the last year and are Finalists in the Dorset Drink & Farming Awards 2018 and in the final 3 for the Entrepreneur of the year award. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year has instore for this passionate duo.

Head over to their website if you’d like to try your own or treat someone else Your probably find them at an event in Dorset too.

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